Irrespective of what your age is, it is a lot of fun to decorate a room mastering a jungle theme. You will have to get some ideas that can help you creating a room that your kids and even the adults would love staying in and you can draw in some great inspiration from Jungalow.

Use of colors

You need to paint the walls first. You need to choose the colors that will give you the aspect of jungle themed space when you vision it. Orange, tan, gold, and green might be some of the choices. You need to choose the right jungle color that would put up well with the plants that you place to have a well-coordinated space. Contrasting colors would be the best option for you here.

Wildlife inspiration

You need to add some life to the walls that you have painted recently and that will come up well with the wildlife. You can find some clings that you can easily peel and place anywhere you choose without damaging the paint or even have few animal stencils. For the wall, you can also find the wallpaper borders that will offer jungle animals. Place them in different patterns all over the wall once you have cut them out.

Choose the right flooring

With the floors you are sure to have a lot of fun. Animal print area rugs can also be used. To provide best comfort for the feet you can also use faux fur animal print rugs and you can also choose the bamboo rugs.

Creating a tree house

You can also create a tree house and add it as a room décor. You can use plants and make a ladder out of thick rope and wooden dowels that resembles well with the ladder. You can also use lights on the trees to an added level of comfort.

Add accessories

To complete the look of your jungle themed room, you will want to add some accessories. You can create a wooden bench with the help of a stump or a few pieces of lumber. You can easily make them yourself as well as purchase these at every home improvement stores. You need to treat the wood before you are bringing it into the house in order to get rid of the bugs that might be in them simply to make sure of it.

Artificial plants

In every corner of the room you can purchase the artificial green ferns that will be standing tall and this you can get inspired through the designing approaches that are taken from the Jungalow. The jungle-themed space will look even more real with the addition of plants as mentioned earlier.

Throw pillows

On the bed you can use tiger print throw pillows and jungle print comforters and you can easily get hold of them in several online home decorating stores. Make sure that you are using the contrasting colors that would match well with the theme of your home.

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