In September, developing studio EA Tiburon stated three significant patches are coming into the game (starting in November), and Madden 21 coins another upgrade is the second. A fix of the game's overall trade logic will wait until the third spot, EA Tiburon wrote.

"To proceed on improved trade logic, it was crucial to acknowledge there was not a magic quick fix," developers wrote. Franchise mode's player-trading has been long criticized, as either too easy to manipulate, or even for delivering transactions where teams abandon players that are great for no great reason.

EA Tiburon says it's working on"new baseline scales around player and draft select values, by reconsidering every factor and modifier that is currently used in transactions." Developers are also covering"top community exploits around AI transactions," and considering improvements or additions to the way the AI evaluates offers from other teams.

It's been nearly five years since Franchise mode got a significant new feature, and the lack of change in the manner had even diehard fans angrily tweeting under a FixFranchise hashtag back at the late summer. The three Franchise patches want to deal with the longest-running disappointments buffs have experienced in a basic manner that cheap Mut 21 coins has mainly gotten incremental upgrades.