Modern floor lights are used in many different ways, as they can add a touch of style and also improve the mood by simply adding ambient floor lighting. One can use the Julie Neill home lighting for decorating and brightening up the dark areas of your home, showcase art, and many more. You can easily add instant ambiance to your room with the help of these modern lamps.

LED floor lamp

These are high-performance lamps that are used for enhancing the aesthetic of your modern space. These lamps are made of modern and high-performance technology.

Mega LED floor lamp

This lamp is created to achieve the perfect synthesis between engineering and designing works. It is considered the best product for interior decoration purposes. It is capable of maintaining the beautiful look of your home for a more extended period.

Twiggy floor lamp

This lamp is characterized by a thin, sophisticated and playful design. It is made up of highly flexible material that defines the ample and crucial curve of the arm, which carries the light source far away from the base. You can also be able to adjust the height of these lamps according to your comfort, and it is all possible due to its counterweights and also in the possibility to adjust the length of the arm.

Silva LED floor lamp

The structural connection between the metal and wood is the inspiration of the Silva floor lamps, where gravity provides the strength to the lighting fixture. The beautiful tripod base of these lamps provides stability also on uneven surfaces, and it also allows the cord to come out discretely and effectively. It feels iconic and signature while keeping a clean and timelessly modern appearance.

Lotus floor Lamp

This lamp is a true standard of modern vocabulary. These lamps are constructed with an innovative plastic that coats a steel wireframe. It is made up of high-quality material and has an innovative design to eliminate glare and give an abundant and diffused light. It can effectively brighten up the interior of your home and gives your living space a beautiful look.

Excel floor lamp

An elegant and spare oak and stele form give the structure for supporting the illuminated fabric shade of the excel floor lamp. The design of the excel floor lamp is inspired by the colorful graphs and charts, which are produced by the popular computer program. The best-hidden secret of this lamp is that it has a metallic reflector located in the inner part of the shade. The shade pivots provide ambient and direct illumination.

Adjustable head floor Lamp

This lamp has an asymmetrical shape and also has an adjustable head. It creates a direct and angled illumination, which is perfect for both writing and reading purposes. The lighting characteristics of these floor lamps make them suitable for those places where direct and distinct illumination is required.

The above-mentioned lamps are suitable for enhancing the look of various parts of your modern space. You should opt for Julie Neill home lighting to buy these elegant floor lamps.


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