Meet the co-founder of DuoLife in one of four cities (France) and learn about Softmarketing and strategies for successfully building sustainable business. 03-11-2019 Lyon, 04-11-2019 Nicea, 05-11-2019 Toulouse, 06-11-2019 Tours. For details look at picture... See more info watching video by Norbert Janeczek (available translation to French),984.html We take initiatives that bring many benefits. We are glad that you trust us and you willingly take part in them. Thank you for being with us and at the same time ... we invite you to the next amazing event organized by DuoLife! Soon you will have a unique opportunity to take part in unique workshops led by DuoLife Co-founder - Norbert Janeczek. If you want to feel the unique energy of DuoLife, gain vast knowledge and equip yourself with unlimited levels of enthusiasm, be sure to join this fantastic initiative! Let your every day be a special day… #softmarketing #healthylifestyles #healthclub
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